By The Coolist

17 Wild Cold Weather Sports Everyone Must Try Once

When you want a change of pace and are seeking a weird new way to work out those winter kinks, here’s an array of 17 strange sports that you do in the cold.

Ski Ballet

Ballet is hard, and anyone who says otherwise has never tried to go en pointe through the entire Nutcracker Suite. Adding in poles, skis, and thermal gear creates a nearly impossible art form that’s part dance, part skiing, part acrobatics.


Snow Kayaking

Instead of navigating the flow and eddies of a whitewater river, you can use gravity and the paths of the snow to engage in this take on sledding.



It’s time to attach yourself to a horse, a motorcycle, a set of dogs, or anything else that moves to find the unbridled fun (read: stark terror) of being drug along like a water skier over the unforgiving ground.



The Japanese competition of snowball fighting, Yukigassen, is a brutal game of dodgeball ramped up to be more than a little dangerous.


Urban Iditarod

Like a soapbox derby using shopping carts pulled and pushed by people, you can start a whole league in your neighborhood with a few folks, a decked-out cart, and great costumes.


Shovel Racing

Shovel racing puts naught but a chunk of steel between you and the ground, along with a control stick jammed right into your family jewels. 


Wok Racing

So climb into a steel dish and hop down the hill without even the comfort of a handle to guide you, and you’ll soon be riding an adrenaline high right into winter Nirvana.