By M. W. Byrne

Quadcopter Pics: 17 RC Drone Photographs Designed to Amaze

Don’t fall behind the curve. Just look below at these 17 wonderful drone images to see how multi-functional, unique, and artistic a simple hex or quadcopter can be. They’ll take your photography game to the next level, literally.

In the Desert

On the sands of the desert, where buildings are scarce and mountains are even moreso, a simple drone allows for a higher look at the desolate expanse. 


Above the Mist

Ricardo Matiello lives in the impoverished nation of Brazil, where he has found an escape from the jungles and tribulations far below. Here he captures the top of a chapel lurking over the low-lying clouds in the city of Maringá.


Taking Wing

Potentially one of the most famous drone pictures ever taken, this still shot of a tiny piece of human equipment soaring with an eagle is proof positive of why life in the skies is better. Best of all is the inscrutable look on the bird’s face. 


Christ the Redeemer

Though it has been photographed from nearly every angle in a thousand conditions, never before has a picture thought to offer up what the statue itself might see as it looks down on the teeming throngs of humankind.


MD Place at Night

A happy accident of a drone pilot taking his flying friend out for a stroll one night, he spotted this spider-webbed structure of broken light sitting among a slummy neighborhood and knew he must capture it.


Marvel Lithuania Lakes

Humanity likes to think it rules the planet, but this photo shows how even small lakes tucked away in forested regions dwarf our many accomplishments.


Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating Station

A derelict nuclear power plant that sits in California, this drone’s picture is a daunting example of how close the utilities of man can come to destroying us.