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Freedom From The Purse With The 14 Best Women’s Wallets

More than ever, now is the time to be focused on equality for all people, regardless of race, homeland, or what kind of tackle they’re toting between their thighs. To do this, we must celebrate all about us as human beings that is the same, and all that is strange, new, and different. Wallets are the perfect metaphor for this, as we all need to carry money and cards – which is similitude – but some of us want something more fun, colorful, and feminine while we do it. For ladies or anyone who likes to carry their cash with extra flair and flash, here’s the 14 best wallets for ladies of every type.

Men’s Wallets

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Designers of women’s accessories are often as tone-deaf to the needs of the average woman as they are to what is fashionable. Women can expect inflated prices, poor functionality, excessive size, and needless nonsense that designers think are “feminine” but are actually useless when they shop for a wallet. The answer to this for many women is to stop trying and seek out gender neutral minimalist wallets or slim wallets that work with the smaller pockets that idiotic fashion designers sew into women’s clothes. Or, find any kind of man’s wallet that works for you and adopt it as your own. Viva la gender equality!

Poketo Paper “Artist” Wallets

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Literally pieces of paper that have been laminated in a protective coating to stop degradation from the elements, these are quaint and cheap ways to throw a few bills or cards into a simple body that has a little appeal. Though not geared for a hard life riding in your pocket, these are a quick place to keep your payment options when “fun” and “simple” are the words for you. Purchase: $12

Elephant N Wallet

via elephantwallet.com

There’s truly not much that’s different about the N Wallet when compared with most smaller strap wallets, except they offer such a range of styles that you can snag as many as you need so you can forever have a wallet that works well, and allows you to show off different moods, or match to whatever you’re wearing. Rendered largely in black carbon fiber and metal, they’re always classy and never cumbersome. Purchase: $7-$32

Harveys Seatbelt Bag Billfold

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Here’s a clever way to recycle materials and get an item that will last for ages. Made of seat belt material, these can stand up to whatever treatment you want to give it, all while staying peppy, and keeping its stitches together. The interior is recycles plastic bottles, which sounds terrible until you feel the soft inside and note the full waterproofing that comes along with plastic remains. Styled from drab to playful, there’s a print to suit any personality. Purchase: $35+

Fossil Emma RFID Mini

via scene7.com

Fossil is an extremely refined company who hits right in the sweet spot between high-quality and realistically priced. Anything in their lineup tends to be reliable for many years, and they can give you a bunch of similar items in different colors should you like to match your accessories to your clothes. Among such a strong lineup, the Emma stood out as simple, giving you only the space you need for ID, cards, and money, in a cute snap case that’s easy to go alone or disappear into a tote. Purchase: $40

Pacsafe RFIDsafe W250 Travel Organizer

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You can’t go wrong with an RFID-blocking wallet, as it prevents the nefarious world of digital thieves to get at your identity. A long wrist strap helps make carrying this easy, and there’s space in the trim, quilted frame for 12 cards, a passport, cash, and a flask for those insufferably boring dates who won’t shut up about crossfit. Purchase: $42

Cocones Passport Wallet

via touchofmodern.com

The Passport Wallet was really a random choice, since you can go over to Cocones website and find a whole range of stunning options, all for cheap, that work with whatever look or utility you’re trying to accomplish. Premium leather, 100% Merino wool, and all the business colors of gray, tan, and black, it’s the best way to get in a British state of mind. Purchase: $49

Madera Poquito

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Wooden wallets are prized by guys who want to look rugged and outdoorsy, but they’re equally good as a warm accent for a woman to have who wants something that doesn’t ooze girlish appeal. Hard-sided so there’s no risk of cards getting bent should it get knocked around, and diminutive enough to go into jacket pockets, slip into jeans or slacks with modest pocket space, and organizes your stuff in a tight stack that can be fanned out for easy access. Purchase: $55

Magic Wallet

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Shove everything into the magic wallet and let it handle the organization. A new kind of wallet for a new era, the Magic Wallet is cheap, paper thin, and fits anywhere. You can go with a larger option if you long for more space, but for a dynamite organization tool that goes anywhere, there’s little else as charming or functional. Purchase: $19-$59

Coach Double Corner

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Coach is an exceptional name for women who want quality without the weighty price tags that come with wallet-milking names like Prada and Christian Louboutin. Though long and tall, the Double Corner has a wrist strap for keeping it handy on short jaunts or quick trips to the store. The polished pebble leather lasts for ages, and works like a Trojan against wetness or dirt sneaking in. Purchase: $70

Hobo Rider

via classycrossroads.com

The small purse experience in a hand wallet, the Hobo Rider is intended largely for evening wear rather than daily use, as it’s too large and cumbersome to be easily carried by women on a regular basis. A magnetic closure makes access easy, but also is strong enough to stay shut during normal to intense activity. Multiple colors allow you to match it to your style, and loads of zippered and hidden slide pockets give you organization as well as stash spots for all your accoutrements. Purchase: $98

Kate Spade Cedar Street Stacy

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A slender piece that has a glut of 12 card slots spread along the body, rich, crosshatched leather that can stand and deliver against a lifetime being bounced around with keys and the other flotsam of life. The hardware is gold plated, giving it a quality appearance that isn’t too showy, and an understated black and white appearance that looks good in any circumstance. Purchase: $100

Comme des Garçons Half-Zip

via nordstrom.com

It’s important to note that this is a men’s designer, which puts their focus as much on durability as on style. The combination here is exceptionally well executed with a snappy zip closure that opens into a partitioned sleeve with enough space for what you need, without extra bulk. It works as a pocket wallet, in a jacket, and can slide into all but the tightest pants, typically. Full leather, it’s a decade-plus purchase. Purchase: $176

Gucci GG Bloom

via gucci.com

Since the point of buying Gucci is to impress upon others your standing in the world, the Bloom wallet has managed to make that easy. The entire body is huge flower blossoms laid atop a GG wallpaper that broadcasts “Gucci” without directly screaming it. Inside the fiesta explosion of color is 12 card slots, plenty of space for cash, and a coin pocket. The major problem here is the immense size tends to still make a purse necessary. Purchase: $620