By M. W. Byrne

Live Well, Live Hip in the Coolest Cities in the US

Looking for a quick rundown of the coolest cities in the US? That’s exactly what we’ve got cooked up for you, so buckle in for our virtual road trip across America!

So, for those seeking a simple set of destinations that will sweep them into a whole new world, and a whole new state of mind, one need only enjoy the 17 coolest cities in the US of A!

New Orleans

This is an easy one, as The Big Easy has long been on the vanguard of what is cool. The birthplace of jazz and home to some of the finest food you ever had in your life, it’s French done the American way (or visa versa, depending on who you ask).



A real sleeper, people tend to equate Cleveland with one of the saddest football teams around, and the city is largely considered to be the homeland of urban decay.



A shockingly cerebral city thanks to the collegiate influence, Austin is a land of contradictions. This is where the red and blue of the nation meet to clash, debate, and rejoin on a daily basis.



Hippy-dippy to a fault and wet as wet gets, Portland has all the greenery you could ever want in an outdoorsy atmosphere. You’ll also find all the weird granola enjoyment you could ever dream up.


San Francisco

Whatever you’re into, you’ve come home in the city by the bay. Truly accepting of every race, color, creed, gender, identity, orientation, or insanity, there’s a lifetime of layers to be had here that no paragraph can justify.



Bean town has gotten a bad rap thanks to the tough mentality that pervades its streets and the wicked accent that marks its citizens. Rough and rollicking or gentrified and genteel, there’s genius and madness in Boston.