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By M. W. ByrneOCT 8, 2021

17 Coolest Cities in America

The birthplace of jazz and home to some of the finest food you ever had in your life, it’s French done the American way (or visa versa, depending on who you ask).

1. New Orleans

There’s no better underdog city than Cleveland. Besides, nobody knows how to have more fun on the cheap than those who concocted the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

2. Cleveland

A shockingly cerebral city thanks to the collegiate influence, Austin is a land of contradictions. This is where the red and blue of the nation meet to clash, debate, and rejoin on a daily basis.

3. Austin

Hippy-dippy to a fault and wet as wet gets, Portland has all the greenery you could ever want in an outdoorsy atmosphere. You’ll also find all the weird granola enjoyment you could ever dream up.

4. Portland

Whatever you’re into, you’ve come home in the city by the bay. Truly accepting of every race, color, creed, gender, identity, orientation, or insanity, there’s a lifetime of layers to be had here.

5. San Francisco

Rough and rollicking or gentrified and genteel, there’s genius and madness in Boston -- with a rich mix of both, all soaked in Irish whiskey!

6. Boston

Rough and rollicking or gentrified and genteel, there’s genius and madness in Boston -- with a rich mix of both, all soaked in Irish whiskey!

7. Chicago

On a list of the coolest cities in the US, the Big Apple is quite possibly America’s most emblematic to those who dream big abroad.

8. New York City

A technophile’s dream given form, Seattle truly strives to be the city of the future and manages to accomplish that in a distinctly film noir, cyberpunk way.

9. Seattle

Once you get off Capitol Hill and down into the streets, you find a powerful culture that’s built by people from all corners of the globe.

10. Washington, D.C.

There’s still a laid-back surfer vibe overlaid with island culture that makes Honolulu unlike anywhere on the globe.

11. Honolulu

The wonders of nature give greatly to San Diego with glorious weather, and the technology inherent there leads a life of its own. 

12. San Diego

The arcade of America. The darkness, sin, and vice around every corner also breed some of the kindest, wisest people in the world.

13. Las Vegas

Proof that the ideology of the south and the exposure to Latin influences can make a mystical brew, it’s a place to haul out your freak flag, fly it high.

14. Miami

Any number of local happenings are all within a few miles of wherever you are. It’s truly where north meets south, east meets west, and America’s heart lies.

15. Kansas City

Dig down and the innumerable one-way streets will lead you to a counter-culture that proves punk isn’t dead, nor is passion, art, or science.

16. Denver

Suave and friendly, riddled with music emanating out from Nashville, and able to entice the most solemn. Then there’s all the food from the coast ...

17. Memphis