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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 for the World’s Coolest Dad

Is your Dad the world’s coolest?  I think so of mine, and I can think of a few ways to thank him for being so awesome.  12, specifically, including each of these items in our Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014. 

From grilling gadgets to multitools to high tech stereos and cameras, these gifts will make Father’s Day one to remember.  We’ve spared no expense in this list, with some items breaking the four figure boundary, but others are accessible for less than $50. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and may you find the perfect gift for yours on our Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014.

Moto Stream Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Moto-Stream-Bluetooth-Music-Interface-1

Chances are, the World’s Coolest Dad already has a sweet hifi system.  A bluetooth speaker just isn’t going to do his tunes justice, but this might be right up his alley.  The Moto Stream Bluetooth Audio Receiver receives his music via Bluetooth from a mobile device and plays them on the speaker system of his choice.  All he needs to do is connect that little Rubik’s Cube looking thingy to his speaker system and boom– he’s “fighting for his right to party” or what have you. 

Shinola Runwell Watch – Made in Detroit


If Dad ever tells you that “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, he’ll want to see this.  Some of the coolest watches in production today are built by hand in Detroit by the same skilled hands that created the automotive industry.  Shinola has a pretty awesome series of watches on offer, but we’re still in love with the first– the Shinola Runwell Watch.  It’s a mechanical watch like the one Dad likely had in his youth, and it’s classic design spans decades of inspiration.  It’ll do him proud.  [from $550]

BioLite CampStove and USB Charger

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 BioLite-CampStove-3

The rugged, gadget-loving dad will go crazy for this one.  The BioLite CampStove and USB Charger is the camp stove of the future, a device that blends a pair of ground-breaking technologies into one.  The stove section of the BioLite CampStove uses rocket stove technology to cleanly, efficiently cook foods using sticks as fuel and producing little smoke or waste in the process.  This heat also runs the other new technology here, the transducer that turns waste heat into power to charge mobile gadgets via USB.  It’s arguably the coolest camping device of this young decade, and a portion of the proceeds go to the development of larger stoves that are donated to the poor in third world countries.  Win/win/win if you ask me.

Steakstones Portable Grilling Surface

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Steakstones-1

Dad has probably eaten teppanyaki style before — you know, Benihana and the like?  The Steakstones Portable Grilling Surface is a similar concept.  The stone portion of this device can be heated in the oven, and it will retain its heat for 20-30 minutes, allowing grilling of some foods and warming of others.  It’s designed to be mobile, bringing dad’s grilling environment right onto the kitchen table.  Or hey, the man cave in the basement.  Just make sure there’s ample ventilation if he decides to use it indoors! [buy from $110]

Mod Cloud-Enabled Notebook

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Mod-Notebooks

If your dad is old school — like, paper and pen old school — he might reject tablets when it comes to jotting down notes.  The Mod Cloud-Enabled Notebook sounds techy, but it really isn’t.  It’s a standard notebook just the way dad loves ’em, but when it’s all filled up with notes and doodles, you can mail it in for a full scan and store on a cloud backup.  Sure, dad may not like the idea of someone reading his secret plans, but you have Mod’s word– the whole process is automated and secure.  [buy from $29]

Marshall Monitor Headphones

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Marshall-Monitor-Headphones-1

Dad may not be a part of the Beats by Dre generation, and that’s perfectly fine.  The speakers that defined his generation were built by Marshall, the guitar cabinets that moved most of the 70s, 80s and beyond.  The brand behind the band now offers a pair of headphones boasting their branding and technical know-how.  The Marshall Monitor Headphones are about as awesome as you can get for dad, bearing a brand he’ll know and adore.


Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Qlocktwo-W-Watch-4

Your dad is different– otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this list.  If your dad celebrates being different as much as we do, he might like a watch that signifies that.  The QLOCKTWO W Watch tells time in its own way, showing a textual readout of the current moment.  They’re pricey, starting at around $800, but if you and the family go in together, it’ll make it a Father’s Day to remember.  [buy from $798]

Leatherman OHM Multitool

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Leatherman

Sure, you can get Dad a tool box, but he’s likely already got one that does him just fine.  Instead, you could get him more than ten tool sin one with the Leatherman OHM Multitool.  This one isn’t just build for tinkering around the house, it’s design with military grade applications in mind.  So it’ll tweak and twist just about every job Dad can throw at it. [buy from $110]

Fujifilm X T1 Mirrorless Camera

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Fujifilm-X-T1-Mirrorless-IL-Camera-1

When your dad was taking pictures back in the day, he was likely using a camera just like this one.  The Fujifilm X T1 Mirrorless Camera is designed just like the compact film cameras of the vintage years but with all the latest technologies inside.  A killer sensor, interchangeable lenses, a swivel LCD, honestly, it’s got it all.  There’s a good reason why working professionals prefer Fuji for lightweight travel alternatives, and it’s the same reason why Dad will feel right at home with a camera like this.  [buy from $1,299]

Persol Film Noir Edition Eyewear

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Persol-Film-Noir-Edition-Eyewear-1

The films of Dad’s day were a lot grittier than most of today’s blockbusters.  Even further back, the films of the middle of the last century were dark and devious indeed.  To celebrate this dark era of filmmaking, Persol has revealed the Persol Film Noir Edition Eyewear, and they’re a perfect collection of pairs for Dad.  I’m partial to the Gangster versions… but I’m not about to put a horse’s head in your bed to convince you.  [Buy from $300]

Hard Graft Snap Wallet

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Hard-Graft-Snap-Wallet-5

I swear on the Hard Graft wallet in my own pocket, these are arguably the finest wallets on the market today.  If it’s a piece of gear Dad could use, it’s something that will last him for years– if not decades.  The Hard Graft Snap Wallet is hand-crafted using vegetable-tanned Italian leather and fine wool felt, pieced together in a stylish fashion.  They exude cool.  So will Dad once he’s rocking one of these in his pocket. 

rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 rOtring-800+-Pencil-Stylus-Hybrid-4

I mentioned it above, but it’s worth re-stating.  Dad is likely comfortable somewhere between paper and the tablet world, and this little device is the perfect bridge.  The rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid is half pencil, half stylus, making it useful on both paper and digital display.

Flaviar Curated Spirit Club

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2014 Flaviar

What do you buy for the educated spirit fan like your dad?  A single bottle just isn’t enough.  Flaviar Curated Spirit Club could be the answer, a subscription service that sends a selection of craft spirits each month.  From brandies one month to Irish Whiskeys the next, Dad will receive packages each month as the Father’s Day gift that keeps giving.  Just be sure to be there to enjoy a glass with him! [buy from $40.99]

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