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rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid for Tomorrow’s Illustrators

Since the advent of touch displays, illustrators and other graphic artists have used both digital and traditional mediums to do their visual brainstorming.  Both of these mediums, including tablet devices and paper notebooks, require their own individual styluses and pencils, respectively.  This new device from rOtring is a double threat, a high-quality double-tipped drawing device for tomorrow’s illustrators.  Introducing the rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid.

With a twist, the rOtring 800+ transforms from a mechanical pencil to a precision stylus, allowing the user to switch back-and-forth between paper and digital at their pleasure.  Illustrators and other graphics artists can brainstorm on paper and tablets using the same, very personal illustrative instrument.  rOtring details this dual life in their video promo below.

The rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid is a bit pricier than your standard precision stylus or mechanical pencil.  Since you won’t need to buy one of each, however, the price is justified.  It’s the kind of drawing device that an artist can carry proudly, much like designer pens for writers and collector’s watches for the rest.  It’s available now for around $99 after conversion from Euros to dollars.

rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid 6 rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid 1

rOtring 800+ Pencil Stylus Hybrid 2

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