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Inspirational Quotes from the World’s Most Famous (Thousands to Read)

Inspirational quotes from the world’s most famous people help us get through the day. Famous quotes can galvanize us, alter our world view, send us laughing in hysterics, bring us to tears, and lead us to understand humankind’s complex nature. But whether quotes are rousing, funny, emotional, or sad, they convey bits of wisdom that give us an insight into the minds of the world’s most illustrious people. People who have uttered such well-known words have earned their place in history because their ideas have resonated with so many.

Our series of famous quotes articles contains thousands of inspirational, motivational, funny, and life-changing quotes for you to feast your mind on. Here, you’ll draw motivation from quotes by celebrities who have shaped our culture, including actors, singers, and performers. You will enrich your worldview with famous words from world’s famous thinkers, including notable authors, scientists, and philosophers. And, you will discover new strength and fortitude by reading powerful quotes from political leaders who have led and unified their nations through war, peace, and various crises. You’ll find that it’s a lot of quotes to get through, but, as one famous man said:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. — Lao Tzu