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    Bionics, Wearables and Electric Supercars: Top Trends August 2014
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Bionics, Wearables and Electric Supercars: Top Trends August 2014

Top Trends 2014: Renovo Coupe Electric Supercar

August was an exciting month for creatives, inventors and fans of next generation technology. New bionics, wearable devices and inventive vehicles arrived to much excitement around the world. These are ten of our favorites here at TheCoolist, ten reasons to be excited about the progress made in the summer of 2014.

10. Zen-Like Spire Activity Tracker Guides You to Healthy Breathing

Spire Activity Tracker

Just when we thought we had reached “peak fitness tracker”, a new device like this arrives. Unlike the others, however, the Spire Activity Tracker studies your breathing patterns to guide you to both physical and emotional health. The Spire analyzes your stress levels from breathing and provides suggestions on how to find a bit of peace in your day. Inhale, exhale, inform. It’s a bit of zen on your belt clip.

9. 2015 Polaris Slingshot is a 3-Wheeled Open-Air Firecracker

2015 Polaris Slingshot

Nope, you’re not looking at a 6-figure Italian-made supercar. You’re looking at a two-seat speedster for under $20k, the 2015 Polaris Slingshot. It’s more like a motorcycle than it is a car, as it features an open-cockpit seating configuration and in some states, you’ll be required to wear headgear. However, for about the price of a new Honda Civic, you can buy yourself a cruiser that can beat most performance cars at the line and handle tight curves like nothing you’ve driven before. Just be sure you don’t take it out in the rain, okay?

8. Amazing Biolite Kettlecharge Powers Your Gadgets with Steam

BioLite Kettle Charge

BioLite is one of our favorite companies in this young decade. They produce amazing technologies that are exciting to us here in the US, but incredibly valuable to the developing world. For us campers, gadgets like the BioLite Kettlecharge allow us to heat up some water for coffee in the morning while charging our gadgets. For those in the developed world, products like the BioLite Campstove can be used to cook dinner while charging one of the millions upon millions of mobile phones that are spreading throughout the world. The best part is that when you buy a Kettlecharge or Campstove for yourself, you’re effectively investing in a company that provides free solutions to those who need them most.

7.  Tents of Tomorrow: 10 Best Tents for 2015 and Beyond

Best Tents of 2015

Speaking of camping, this is what your campsite might look like in 2015 and beyond. Tents like the Tensile Tree Tent shown above, which is a tent/hammock hybrid. It’s not a concept, either. It’s available today for your back yard or your next camp site. This and the other 10 Best Tents 2015 and beyond are shaping the campsite to come.

6. New LEGO Visitor’s Center Is Unfathomably Incredible

LEGO House Denmark

It’s fitting that the new LEGO visitors center in The Netherlands has a blocky appearance. It’s the work of block star architect (I couldn’t resist) Bjarke Ingels, and it’s designed to reflect LEGO’s iconography. Ground will be broken soon, and I can’t wait to visit a place I’ve wanted to see since early childhood. And you?

5. These 5 Smart Home Security Gadgets Could Kill Traditional Security Services

Sentri Smart Home Security System

The connected revolution has been most apparent at home, where our thermostats and televisions and other devices are all connected to the web. Next up is security gadgets, and these five smart home security gadgets are a revolution in their own right. It takes the power (and cost) away from traditional security services, and puts the control in your hands.


4. 7 Amazing Bionic Technologies that Empower the Disabled

Emotiv EEG System

Beyond the tech revolutions at home, the world of bionic technologies is seeing its own renaissance. These 7 gadgets bring bionic capability to those who need it most– those who suffer from disabilities. With bionic technologies like these, the disabled can walk, hear, see and speak in a manner that they couldn’t just a decade ago.


3.  NASA Space Launch System Is The Biggest Rocket Ever Created – And It’s Going To Put A Man On Mars

NASA Space Launch System

You’re looking at the future of the American space program. NASA has revealed the NASA Space Launch System, the largest rocket ever created and a key to putting human boots on Mars. In the future, the SLS will carry human passengers to the red planet for study and possible colonization. It could be decades before colonies spring up, but we could see this rocket in use in a matter of years.

2. The Weird World Of Wearable Tech: 9 Of The Most Unusual Wearables

Wearable Tech

A bra that tweets, a dress that makes cocktails and a necklace that turns into a cyclists airbag. These are just a few of the strange, interesting and exotic technologies inventors and designers are creating. It’s the weird world of wearable tech, and I’m spellbound.

1. The Sexy Renovo Coupe Electric Supercar is an Instant Classic

Renovo Coupe Electric Supercar

An instant classic indeed. The Renovo Coupe Electric Supercar takes the already-classic Shelby Daytona and gives it an electric heartbeat. It’s one of the fastest electric cars ever made, and it’ll be available in limited run very soon. In total, it takes one of the best parts of our automotive history (the Shelby Daytona) and weds it with our automotive future (electric cars) for a truly awesome automobile. It may only be available to a few buyers, and its price tag may make it impossible for most to own, but it’s meaning is what’s most important to me. It’s more evidence that electric cars have captured the imagination of our generation, and that internal combustion is firmly behind us.