By M. W. Byrne

Prepare to Win: 13 Things To Do For a Good First Date

While “just be yourself” is perfectly fine advice, it’s not the whole story.

Be The Best Version of You

One of the ideal ways to get ready for a date is to identify your best traits – both in the physical and personality realms – and make sure you highlight those.


Get Your Body Prepared

Our physical form and our mental frame of mind are inextricably intertwined, so giving your body extra attention will help put your mind at ease.


Smell Good

Smell in our brains is tightly tied to memory and strongly affects our feelings. You should be smelling like a rose, perhaps literally, but not overdoing it.


Stay Sober

Many of us will reach for social lubricants before or during a date. Having a drink isn’t bad, especially if that’s why you’re there, but too much can go wrong if you get too loose.


Prepare for the Best

This means having a condom tucked discreetly away just in case. It also means having a string of plans for the evening should things start going well. 


Have a Plan

In addition to being ready for the best things to happen, also have contingencies all the way around. If things go awry and the date is a bust, reward yourself with a quiet drink with friends to do a post-mortem.


Dress Up

No matter where you plan on going or what you plan on doing, add a few style notches. 


Know As Much As You Can

A date where you accidentally hit one of their food allergies or take a vegan to a meat shack is going to be a fright. Check plans with them in advance so they can veto.