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    Alessi “Sushi” Lighter
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Alessi “Sushi” Lighter

Alessi Sushi Lighter 1

Rodrigo Torres certainly has a knack for designing desire.  His new “Sushi” lighter for Alessi is a sensuous little object, a simple device ready to heat things up around the house.  While most lighters are sold for smokeables, this one is designed as a friendly household object for starting the grill or lighting the candles.  Its visual inspiration comes from the home appliances of the 1950s, that pastel stand mixer in grandma’s house that you wish was still around in yours.  Its curvy, functional and uncomplicated shape needs only to turn on and off, the same way grandma’s mixer needed only to blend and puree.  We can’t think of a single thing we need to light around the house right now, but dammit, we want one.  Like we said earlier, Mr. Rodrigo Torres certainly has a knack for designing desire…

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