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    Power Poke: The Top 9 Touchscreen Gloves
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Power Poke: The Top 9 Touchscreen Gloves

Freezing your fingers off while texting is so last season. Many of us are so used to the hazards of touch screens in frozen climates that we don’t even consider numb digits a problem any longer, but with the rise of touchscreen gloves, you don’t have to sacrifice body heat for a social life.

Tech savvy hand wear allows you to keep your fingers completely covered and warm in even the coldest winter, while talking with friends, working on your tablet, or changing songs on your MP3 player. Once you have experienced the joy of this ultra modern garment, you will never go back to regular gloves again.

Agloves Sport

Of seamless knit design for optimal comfort and woven throughout with sliver thread to make the entire surface of the glove touchscreen compatible, the Agloves Sport is eight points up on gloves that have only one small touch screen patch on each index finger. Hands 6.5 inches to 7.5 inches around fit comfortably inside the stretchy knit, which while thin for extra dexterity, is warm enough to keep your digits comfortable in extreme temperatures. Antimicrobial and machine washable, the Sport stays fresh and clean all winter long, even during the dreariest, drizzliest of weather. Classic Touch Screen Glove

Ideal for use with any Capacitive Toucshcreen, the Classic is a marvel of modern engineering. The acrylic blend material is woven throughout with silver threading to complete the circuit between your screen and your finger. Hidden magnets in the cuffs keep the gloves paired when not in use, without scratchy Velcro or cold metal fastenings to get in your way while you wear them. The care label attached to the gloves interior doubles as a microfiber cleaning cloth, for use in wiping smudges and water specks off of your electronic device.

Glider Gloves Urban Style

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Soft and warm, the Glider Glove is double lined with a soft brushed interior for ultimate comfort. The nylon blend fabric is laced throughout with copper thread to facilitate full-surface connectivity to your touch screen device, while anti-slip grip dots along the palm and fingers protect electronics from slipping and dropping, aiding your grip and securing your hold. The stylishly brimmed cuff of the Glider has added length for warmth, and the seamless design makes them comfortable wear even for longer days. A smaller glove, the unique sizing makes this glove an ideal choice for petite adults or growing adolescents. 

The North Face ThermoBall Etip

At 300wt, the fleece in the beautiful Northface ThermoBall Etip gloves keeps you warm and comfortable while texting in the most extreme conditions. Nylon Taslan knuckle and finger overlays aid your grip and deter undue wear, while elastic in the wrists keeps heat loss to a minimum. A great every day glove, the ThermoBall Etip is durable and tailored, contouring to the natural bend in your fingers. It dries quickly after exposure to water and provides a warm soft hand covering in a streamlined design, dispensing of the bulk and weight of other winter wear.

Luxury Men’s Touchscreen Texting Gloves

The Luxury Men’s Touchscreen Texting Gloves, crafted of Italian Nappa Leather, scale up the touchscreen game. Double lined with cashmere and fleece, they are cozy and chic, in addition to functional. Operating on nano technology, these Luxury gloves give you precision point control over any tactile sensitive display, while the non-slip function across the palms prevents unexpected slipping or dropping. Precise tailoring on the backs and contrast color piping give these beauties a distinct and fashionable appeal.

Elma Women’s Touchscreen Gloves

With three point touchscreen compatibility and 100% pure cashmere lining, the Elma is absolute decadence at your fingertips. Created from the softest hairsheep leather, these gloves combine old Hollywood glamour with 21st century technology. An elegantly tailored look with superior warmth, flexibility, and touchscreen savvy, this is the glove for any lady of class and connectivity.

ANDORRA Waterproof Touchscreen Snow Gloves

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For the harshest weather, you want the Andorra Touchscreen Snow Gloves. Available for both men and women, these hardy fellows have a waterproof polyester shell and a 3m thinsulate lining, as warm as down and as breathable as cotton, while adjustable straps on the wrist prevent precipitation or cold wind to undermine their efficacy. Touchscreen pads on the index, middle finger, and thumb give you full range of motion for your digital needs, and the friction aiding design of the palm and fingers protects against slippage. The men’s gloves even feature built in lens cleaners on the backs of the fingers, so you’re never surfing blind, even in the most extreme weather. 

BIAL Battery Heated Touchscreen Gloves

Where most gloves rely solely on weatherproofing and insulation to keep your extremities warm, the BIAL makes use of those techniques, while additionally ramping up their game with battery powered heaters in each glove. The fine leather shell has been waterproofed for optimal resistance to the elements, while the fleece liner is soft to the touch and wonderfully cozy all on its own. But it isn’t operating on it’s own; battery packs in zippered pockets, positioned so as to be indetectable except by the heat they produce, warm the interiors to 30-55 degrees. One battery charger to be shared between each battery is included, and the long lasting charge will keep them heating for up to 4 hours.

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Nanotechnology powers the Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Glove. Made of fine quality Ethiopian lambskin, the Mujjo is soft, yet durable. It is delicate but warm. In short, it is the height of fashionable texting wear. Specialized leather treatment protects against water, wind, and even soil. These gloves may be the height of sophistication, but they’re not afraid of  a little mud. Beautifully detailed, tailored stitching ornaments the cuff and back of the Mujjo Leather, while an elegantly curved strap adjusts the fit with a magnetic clasp, closing around your wrist and sealing in your natural heat. For the best in touchscreen gloves, this is the choice for you.