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    Gorgeous Gadgetry: The 15 Sexiest Gadgets of 2009
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Gorgeous Gadgetry: The 15 Sexiest Gadgets of 2009


Can a gadget be sexy? There’s no doubt that a computer, a media player, a tv or a telephone can inspire a serious case of tech lust. In 2009, the trends in gadget design pushed the envelope even further, with some of the sexiest gadgets we’ve seen yet. So what did the coolest gadgets of 2009 look like? Here’s a list of the 15 sexiest gadgets (GILFs?) that hit the world in this past year– and in no particular order.

HP Envy Luxury Laptop


If 2008 was the year of the netbook, 2009 was the year of the luxury laptop. After a flurry of tiny, basic notebooks rushed out the year before, manufacturers like Dell, HP and others kicked out sexy, top-of-the-line computing powerhouses. The HP Envy Luxury Laptop is a prime example, featuring an Intel Core i-7 processor, a Blu Ray player, 1080p playback and a premium ATI Radeon graphics processor. The design itself is minimal, refined, but it might be a bit too similar to the latest Macbook Pro design for some. Either way, it’s a step in the sexy direction for HP.

HP Envy Luxury Laptop Gallery

hp-envy_9 hp-envy_6 hp-envy_3

Amazon Kindle DX


In 2009, Amazon released the king of all e-book readers, the Amazon Kindle DX. While it may not bring new, revolutionary functionality to the format, it does have one leg up over the competition– size. This thing is friggin’ huge. Compared to the standard Kindle 2’s 6″ screen, the Amazon Kindle DX measures a John-Holmes inspired 9.7″. The added size also makes room for more storage, allowing the DX to store a Wilt Chamberlain-inspired 3,500 books at a time. Last we checked, that’s bigger than your average small town library.

Amazon Kindle DX Gallery

amazon-kindle-dx_4 amazon-kindle-dx_3 amazon-kindle-dx_1

Edelweiss PC by Pius Giger


If this thing isn’t the most beautiful PC in the world, it’s certainly in the running for the top 10. The Edelweiss PC by designer Pius Giger is a work of art, resembling a villianous life support system moreso than a computer. If we owned this one, we don’t know if we could even consider operating it– we’d rather put it on a pedestal and admire it. Kudos are due to Million Dollar PC for making this discovery.

Edelweiss PC by Pius Giger Gallery

pc-architecture-by-pius-giger_8 pc-architecture-by-pius-giger_3 pc-architecture-by-pius-giger_1

iPhone 3GS


But wait, the iPhone 3GS isn’t even a design upgrade over the last iPhone. Why include it on a list of the 15 sexiest gadgets of the year? Because if we don’t, we’d face the wrath of a million fanboys. Okay, we’re kidding! Any new iPhone, whether or not its design has changed, must be included on a list like this. The damn thing is revolutionary. Still revolutionary– and still sexy.

iPhone 3GS Gallery

iphone-3gs_3 iphone-3gsiphone-3gs_2

Hasselblad H4D Digital Camera


Hasselwhat? You may not have heard of this thing, but your favorite photographer has. The Hasselblad H4D Digital Camera boasts 60MP (yeah, SIXTY), capable of capturing more photographic detail than you could imagine. If that numeric spec didn’t impress you, the price probably will. If you want to get yourself a Hasselblad H4D digital camera, that’ll run you $42,500. For that kind of money, you could alternatively buy a brand new BMW 5-series sedan.

Hasselblad H4D Digital Camera Gallery

hasselblad-h4d_3 hasselblad-h4d_1 hasselblad-h4d_2

The Zune HD Portable Media Player


Despite its poor sales numbers and unappealing developer, the Zune HD Portable Media Player was a huge upgrade over its prior model and a genuine challenge to the iPod Touch. It’s not the tech specs that had us salivating, it was the design. This brushed-steel beauty is downright sexy, a sleekly-styled PMP with a flashy OS to boot. Sadly, the Zune HD is likely doomed to failure, as the lack of a serious app market and third party developer support will have buyers thinking iPod instead. Either way, this was one hell of a lusty attempt.

Zune HD Portable Media Player Gallery

zune-hd zune-hd-3 zune-hd-2

The JooJoo Tablet


Now for something a bit more recent– the controversial JooJoo Tablet is making as many technical waves as it is legal. The JooJoo Tablet is currently locked in a legal battle between its maker, Fusion Garage, and its claimed parent, tech blogger Michael Arrington of TechCrunch. In spite of its legal baggage, JooJoo is currently pre-selling, planning to ship its first units in early 2010. If you haven’t heard of JooJoo, just what is it? A tablet PC that could pave the way for the next revolution in computing…

JooJoo Tablet Gallery

joojoo-tablet_3 joojoo-tablet_1 joojoo-tablet_2

The Jabra Stone Bluetooth Earpiece


In spite of their obvious stigma, bluetooth earpieces are a helpful, even necessary piece of technology for some. If you want to avoid looking the part of the douchebag, the Jabra Stone Bluetooth Earpiece is one that makes bluetooth wearing socially acceptable. The Jabra Stone is a two-piece unit that is one part earpiece, one part dock, 100% stone when combined. When it comes to industrial design, this is one of the most inventive takes on an aging technology that we’ve seen all year.

Jabra Stone Bluetooth Earpiece Gallery

jabra-stone-bluetooth-ear-piece_5 jabra-stone-bluetooth-ear-piece_4 jabra-stone-bluetooth-ear-piece_3

The Motorola Droid


If you think 2009 was the Year of the Android, 2010 is going to be explosive. Just look at what Google’s mobile OS accomplished in the last year. What started with the T-Mobile G1 evolved into the Motorola Droid by year’s end. The Motorola Droid is one of the best iterations of Android yet, a truly complete device paired with the latest and most powerful version of the OS. Sadly, like the rest of the locked mobile world, you can only get this one from its contractually-tied carrier (Verizon, in this case). However, that’ll all change when Google releases the Nexus One (which would have made this list had it made an official release with real, sexy images).

Motorola Droid Gallery

motorola-droid_2 motorola-droid_1 motorola-droid_3

The Microsoft Courier Tablet


While we already mentioned the JooJoo tablet above, there was other big news in the tablet world this year. The Microsoft Courier Tablet was revealed, detailed and described by the good folks at Gizmodo. This amazing tablet has more promise than any next-gen computing surface we’ve seen yet, including the rebirth of pen-based data entry. This tablet PC will feature an amazing UI that feels the furthest thing from Windows, even though its a Microsoft device. It’s not as big of a news item as the JooJoo though, as this one is only alive in renderings. Boo, renderings, boo.

Microsoft Courier Tablet Gallery

Microsoft-Courier-Tablet_8 Microsoft-Courier-Tablet_1 Microsoft-Courier-Tablet_2

Leica x Hermes M7 Camera


If we included a digital camera here, it was a necessity to include a recent great from the 35mm film arena. The Leica x Hermes M7 Camera takes the now legendary Leica M7 and gives it a lusty leather upgrade. The new leather wrap-around grip gives the Leica M7 even more vintage appeal, a nice aesthetic rehab that’ll sit well with Leica fanatics. However, like the Hasselblad above, the Hermes version of the Leica M7 will run you a pretty penny– $14,000 to be exact…

Leica x Hermes M7 Camera Gallery

leica_hermes_limited-edition-m7_3 leica_hermes_limited-edition-m7_5 leica_hermes_limited-edition-m7_1

The Barnes and Noble Nook


The Amazon Kindle was practically alone in the market before the Nook reared its pretty head. The Barnes and Noble Nook is an e-book reader to challenge the Amazon Kindle, but doing so on the wide market reach of the Barnes and Noble brand. B&K has added a digital distribution end to its brick-and-mortar chain, doing so in this sexy e-reader that entered the market with a big price advantage over the Kindle. The primary difference between the Nook and the Kindle is this unit’s color touchscreen nav bar at the bottom, showing a user’s library front-and-center.

Barnes and Noble Nook Gallery

barnes-and-noble-nook_5 barnes-and-noble-nook_8 barnes-and-noble-nook_3

Novation Launchpad Music Control Surface


If you’re not in tune to the world of music production, you may have never seen this one before. The Novation Launchpad Music Control Surface is a vibrant, visual means of creating and controlling a musical arrangement. Its rows and columns of colored light buttons are used to cue, control and modulate sounds and effects in a software recording environment. Where music production has become a very visual, on-screen undertaking, the Novation Launchpad brings colorful, hands on control to the world of computer music.

Novation Launchpad Music Control Surface Gallery

novation-launchpad-music-control-surface_3 novation-launchpad-music-control-surface_2 novation-launchpad-music-control-surface_1

Apple Magic Mouse


With all the rumors of an Apple Tablet this year, it’s a surprise that Apple decided to revolutionize a much more basic part of the computer experience. The Apple Magic Mouse brings multi-touch tactile control to the virtual desktop, allowing easy operation of applications. While the Magic Mouse did have its growing pains (there’s a learning curve and a bit of early muscle pain with this one), it has not only caught up with standard PC mice– but surpassed them thanks to an intuitive new system of control.

Apple Magic Mouse Gallery

apple-magic-mouse_2 apple-magic-mouse_3 apple-magic-mouse_4

Dell Adamo XPS


While you could argue that the luxury laptop trend starting with the MacBook Pro, Dell made waves this year by introducing one of the first luxury PC laptops in the Adamo by Dell. The second iteration, the Dell Adamo XPS hit later this year and has driven new demand in luxury mobile computing. This sleek, ultra-thin laptop has given the MacBook Air a run for its tiny money, by pushing the size standard by a razor-sliced margin.

Dell Adamo XPS Gallery

dell-adamo-xps_2 dell-adamo-xps_3 dell-adamo-xps_1

So what is your favorite sexy gadget from 2009? Was there a product that hit this year that you might have replaced one of these with? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your opinion too! In the mean time, check out these other features we’ve shared on TheCoolist that we know you’ll love: