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    Drunken Design: 10 Intoxicating Designer Bar Accessories
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Drunken Design: 10 Intoxicating Designer Bar Accessories

Designer Bar Accessories | The act of drinking should be an artful experience.  The people we share it with and the tools of the ceremony should be as important as the drinks we imbibe.  If the tools of your own home bar are getting a bit tired, here are 10 amazing designer bar accessories that will truly enlighten your experience.

Macallan Ice Ball Machine

When combined, a chunk of frozen water, a cylinder of copper and a bit of gravity can yield a perfect sphere of ice.  The Macallan Ice Ball Machine may seem like magic, but it is pure physics which creates these icy gems.  Ice spheres are considered to be superior to standard cubes due to their limited surface area when met with whisky.  The ice melts slowly, keeping drinks chilled without diluting the precious liquor.  This technology is currently the exclusive property of Macallan, makers of fine Scottish whisky, but you can get your hands on a machine of your own for $180.

Macallan Ice Ball Machine Gallery

Inside Out Glassware

These champagne flutes, shooters and martini glasses appear to hail from an alternate dimension.  The Inside Out Glassware by Alissia Melka-Teichroew takes your standard glasses and reverses their form, where the shape which holds your drink is inset into a tube of glass.  They’re sturdy, stylish and decidedly sexy, a nice upgrade to the tired glassware at your neighbor’s cocktail parties.

Inside Out Glassware Gallery

Vinturi Wine Aerator

That fifteen dollar Cabernet Sauvignon needs time to breathe before serving– even up to an hour in most cases.  When time is of the essence but purity remains important, the Vinturi Wine Aerator will give your wine the oxygen it needs to soften and expose those flavorful aromas.  Hold the Vinturi above your glass, pour into its mouthpiece and your wine will mate with the air around it to yield the experience the vintner intended.

Vinturi Wine Aerator Gallery

Brass Knuckles Corkscrew

Open a bottle with this corkscrew– and your guests will know you mean business.  The Brass Knuckles Corkscrew is a bottle opener inspired by the classic knuckle duster, a lethal weapon in its own right that now has a pointy centerpiece.  It’ll do its main job of opening your next bottle, but it’ll also strike fear into the hearts of those you wish to share it with.

Brass Knuckles Corkscrew Gallery

Hidden Spiral Wine Cellar

When space comes at a premium and secrecy is paramount, the Spiral Wine Cellar can store your wine without disturbing either of these needs.  These spinning cellars are custom built into the room of your choice, storing your collection in the coolest manner possible.  When you need another bottle, just open the hatch, take a few steps down and select the right bottle for the occasion.

Spiral Wine Cellar Gallery

Teroforma Whiskey Stones Ice Cubes

If a perfect sphere of ice adds too much dilution to that single malt of yours, you could always opt for a water-free chilling solution.  The Teroforma Whiskey Stones are cubes of Vermont soapstone that are chilled in the freezer, ready to be dropped into your rocks glass– no pun intended.  They’ll keep your drink cool without adding water, a nice option for those who prefer their whisky neat.

Teroforma Whiskey Stones Gallery

Krups Beertender for Heineken

What’s a home bar without a tap of your own?  The Krups Beertender brings a draught beer experience to your own personal pub, a sleek  little gadget that is fed by Heineken minikegs.  While we salute the idea, we’re not so big on Heineken.  Sadly, the Beertender won’t serve up a mini keg from your favorite micro brew.  Your Bell’s Oberon or Rogue Yellow Snow won’t fit in this baby… unless you’re not afraid of making a few alterations.

Krups Beertender Gallery

Seven Deadly Sins Glassware

While there are those who think the drink is a deadly sin of its own, these seven glasses celebrate the true originals.  Pride, Wrath, Greed and the others are all present in this amazing collection, the Seven Deadly Sins Glassware.  Designer Kacper Hamilton formed one glass for each sin, a collection you’ll be proud to share at your next lusty, gluttonous affair.  We’re envious that we didn’t get an invite…

Seven Deadly Sins Glassware Gallery

K Wine Finger Food Plate

Cocktail parties were designed for weird, three-armed people.  One to hold the food plate, another to hold a drink and a third to eat and imbibe with.  If you’re not one of those three-armed freaks, the K Wine Finger Food Plate is designed to manage that dinner party discomfort.  This plate features a side slot and central holder for your wine glass, so your hors d’oeuvres and your drink can be held with one hand.  Brilliant, no?

K Wine Finger Food Plate Gallery

Hennessy Eternal Ice Drop

If ice spheres and real rocks don’t make the cut, the Hennessy Eternal Ice Drop will chill your cognac without adding water.  This ice drop is a tear-shaped glass chiller with water inside that will cool your cocktail without dilution.  Beyond the cooling effect, the only thing this one adds to your drink is a healthy dose of style.  Tasty, tasty style.

Hennessy Eternal Ice Drop Gallery

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If an upgrade to your own personal bar is on the menu, we hope these ten will give you plenty of inspiration.  Is there a designer bar accessory that we missed that you’d include here?  Let us know in the comments, we’d love to see more.  In the mean time, pass this along to your friends and family, and be sure to check out these other features here on TheCoolist: