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Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove Brings Feeling to Virtual Worlds

In the world of human/machine interaction, there’s one objective we strive towards above all else: the development of a truly intuitive interface. We don’t want to just sit at our computer and hammer things out on a keyboard; we want to be able to browse with as little effort as it takes us to breathe. In essence, we want to feel these virtual worlds; we want to turn our technology into an extension of our bodies. The Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove aims to do precisely that.

One of the ways we’re slowly moving towards that ideal is through virtual reality. Through tech like the Oculus Rift, we’re able to immerse ourselves in wholly digital, fully-interactive worlds. But even with all this tech, VR isn’t quite perfect. See, we’re still missing a few vital elements – one of which is a sense of touch.

Dexmo aims to solve that problem. It’s a mechanical glove that accurately captures the hand motion of its user and translates it to the digital world. With the capacity to capture eleven degrees of freedom, it adds a whole new dimension to gesture control – and that’s only the bare minimum of what it can do. See, there’s another model of the Dexmo, called the F2…and it features force feedback.

Here’s where things get really awesome – and the true purpose of Dexmo domes to light.

Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove 2

See, the F2 contains an additional piece of hardware known as a force feedback unit. The unit, which consists of actuators and brakes designed to lock up the exoskeleton whenever your avatar comes into contact with a digital object. This is done through a signal sent by the Dexmo SDK – meaning that anyone with the time and know-how can program it the F2 to becompatible with pretty much every game. Just in case you haven’t realized how awesome this is yet, allow me to reiterate:

The Dexmo virtual reality glove adds a sense of touch to virtual reality.

Currently, there’s no solid price or release date for Dexmo or the F2 model – though you can pre-order the unit here.

Dexmo Virtual Reality Glove 5

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