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    Lifta Adds A Minimalist, Ergonomic Touch to Your Office
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Lifta Adds A Minimalist, Ergonomic Touch to Your Office

I’ll be the first to admit that ergonomically, my home office could be a whole lot better. Even then, I understand that having an organized workplace is absolutely vital to one’s personal work ethic, psychological health, and even (to some degree) physical well-being. A poorly-made chair more or less guarantees  lower back problems, a monitor set at an incorrect height will give you a pain in the neck, and a keyboard that isn’t positioned properly is a one-way ticket to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For that reason, I suppose it’s not terribly surprising that there are so many products on the market designed to help keep us organized and on-track.

Today, I’d like to bring to your attention one such product that caught my eye: Lifta, a wooden desk organizer designed to both properly position a monitor and organize one’s desk.  Available in Ash, Oak, or Baltic Birch Plywood, this accessory is both aesthetically appealing and magnificently simple (it’s essentially a stylized plank). Lifta measures in at 24×9.5×2 inches, with space beneath for a keyboard and mouse. Granted, it’s not a product for everyone – you’re probably better off avoiding it if you’ve already got your monitor positioned properly.

See, it’s…actually a little pricey. On the Made By Cardinal website, it’s listed at $125, with a three-week delivery time.  You could be forgiven for thinking that’s a little much to spend on what essentially amounts to a breakfast tray. Presumably, you’ll get what you pay for: the product looks to be of exceptionally high quality, and I’d imagine it’s the sort of thing that you’ll be able to keep with you for years to come once you purchase it. Plus, just look at the finish. It’s bloody beautiful.

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