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Mininch Tool Pen is the Most Compact Toolkit Yet

When it comes to tightening, tweaking and torquing, there just isn’t an app for that.  There will always be a need for good old-fashioned hardware, and this hardware is evolving just like the software-driven world around it.  Meet the Mininch Tool Pen, a compact toolkit that houses a range of screwdriver heads in a single, stylish device.  If it needs tightening and tweaking, Tool Pen is the device to do it, designed to replace the bulky collection of screwdrivers and similar items in your tool box. It features a set of heads that can be stored in the unit’s inner chamber, allowing for quick and easy swapping from phillips to flathead to starburst.

Tweaking and tightening is something we do a bit more often than we realize.  I’m frequently tightening the legs on my tripod, the brakes on my bike or the screw joints on a new piece of furniture.  It’s Murphy’s Law– the closest screwdriver available always has the wrong head, and I’m stuck digging around to find the proper fit.  An all-in-one solution isn’t a new invention, per se, but the way the Mininch Tool Pen was designed is a breath of fresh air for tool lovers like me.

Mininch Tool Pen 2

The Mininch Tool Pen is made out of 6061 aluminum, cast into a strong hexagon shape with a window into its interior section.  Inside, up to 6 heads can be stored, each of these being quickly swappable into the Tool Pen’s business end.  The whole device closes like a typical pen, featuring a magnetized cap that attaches to the front section when not in use.  It is sleek, stylish and strong, built to handle all the twisting and tightening one could wish for.

This gadget isn’t available quite yet, but it will be on the way soon enough.  The Mininch Tool Pen recently broke (shattered would be a more appropriate tool) its funding goal on Kickstarter.  You can still reserve a unit now for $45, not a bad price for something so useful that is built to last.  I’m excited to get my hands on one, hopefully letting the rest of my screwdrivers collect dust in my tool box.

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