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Ringly Smart Ring Signals Mobile Alerts with Style

Ringly Smart Ring – In our increasingly-connected society, it’s becoming less and less acceptable to miss a phone call or text message. After all, what if someone desperately needs to reach you? What if work’s calling and you’re out for a bike ride and your phone’s in your pocket and you miss the call and get fired?

Yeah, doesn’t seem like a very likely situation, does it?

Enter the Ringly Smart Ring- the latest in a new line of products known as Smart Jewelry. This nifty little ring has but one purpose: it connects to your cell phone and vibrates/flashes whenever someone’s trying to reach you. What this means is that you won’t miss a call if your phone is buried in your purse or backpack.

In other words, the Ringly smart ring is something of a godsend for people who don’t carry their phones in their pockets. It means no more anxiety over missed calls or texts; no more constantly checking one’s cell phone to see if one missed anything of import. Of course, it also means no more excuses when you ignore a call or text from a friend – so take from that what you will.

According to Ringly founder Christina Mercando – formerly vice president of product at Caterina Fake’s Hutch – the ring was borne out of her frustration more than anything else. Since she stored her phone in her purse, she would consistently miss calls from friends and family; leaving it on the table during social outings was also out of the question.

How the Ringly smart ring works is fairly simple. Each ring contains a tiny circuit board which allows it to sync to either an iOS or Android app via Bluetooth. At that point, whenever a text, call, calendar, alert, or email comes in, the ring vibrates like a phone would. It can also be set up to react to notifications from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Vine, and more. Everything down to the color of the stone can be customized – you might have it flash yellow for a call from work, and blue for your friends.

Yeah, still not sure how I feel about a product like this. Is it really so unacceptable to miss a call or two?

Ringly smart ring - black

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