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    Vessyl Smart Cup Delivers Data on Your Drinking Habits
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Vessyl Smart Cup Delivers Data on Your Drinking Habits

Between soda, beer and sweetened coffee drinks, we as a society consume a whole lot of calories in our drinks.  Beyond calories, these drinks include sugars, fats, sodium and other ingredients that are important to keep track of.  A new invention by Mark One promises to deliver data on your drinking habits with smart, connected technology.  The Vessyl Smart Cup is their brain child, a device that keep track of what you drink — and what you might want to avoid.

The Vessyl Smart Cup uses internal sensors that detect and analyze the beverages you consume.  It can determine calorie content, sugar levels, even the type of beverage you pour into it.  It can determine that the fuzzy liquid you’ve just sipped is beer, and it’ll tell you how many calories remain in the cup as you drink.  It’s not designed as some sort of magic drink-divining gimmick, it’s built to track your daily consumption and report back with easy, usable information.  If you’re drinking too much sugar or sodium or fat, Vessyl will report on that.  If you’re not getting enough hydration, Vessyl will report on that too.

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Vessyl isn’t just a stand-alone cup, it’s a connected device that provides an app interface for your drinking habits.  You can track consumption over time, compare your current consumption to past trends, and detect early warning signs of unhealthy activity.  Vessyl doesn’t work alone, either– it can sync to popular fitness trackers, like the five we’ve selected as the best options for summer workouts this year.  It helps you compare your intake with your exercise, and how you can work to maintain a healthy balance.

There’s a big part of the equation that Vessyl does not track, of course, and that is the food you consume on a daily basis.  There are also the glasses of wine you had at dinner, but the restaurant didn’t want you drinking out of your fancy new smart cup.  Fortunately, you can enter drinks you consume elsewhere into the app manually.  You can also compare the Vessyl data to other dietary apps where you manually track the caloric intake of your food diet.  Vessyl isn’t designed to be a catch-all, but it does what no other health tracking device does yet.  It keeps track of your drinking habit, and whether you drink alcohol or sugary drinks, it can be a great way to maintain a healthy balance in how — and what — you drink. [Vessyl is available for pre-order now from $99]

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    1. Good questions, Bonnie! I updated the post with pre-order pricing and a link to Vessyl’s pre-order page.